Literary translations

The Necrophiliac
© 1972 Gabrielle Wittkop
English Translation © Don Bapst
April 1, 2011, ECW Press 

A masterpiece of gothic French literature, the journals of Lucien are presented for the first time to Anglophone readers in this new translation. 

"...unlike anything I had ever read... the most poetic book you will ever read about graphic necrophilia... Even now, nearly 40 years after its initial publication, it feels a bit taboo to read it. Here, at last, is a boundary that few dare cross, an element of the macabre that has
not been played out in a thousand similar iterations already..."
     - Monica S. Kuebler, Rue Morgue Magazine. Read more.

"It is the apotheosis of sick humour, the kind that makes us both laugh and confront things we would normally rather not.... I was, like Orwell's imaginary reader, determined at first not to be impressed. But I very quickly was. This is a masterpiece."
     - Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian. Read more.

"This text exists in a purity that is as refreshing as it is uncompromising-ly elegant. A rare and valuable read for any mind not weakened with the drugs of dross."
     - Su Zi, Cosmoetica. Read more.

"Stylishly written, The Necrophiliac is a disturbing but impressive work, a dark reminder of the true nature of love and passion, suggesting that even those who find the protagonist's actions abhorrent fundamentally differ from him only in the nature of the objects of their affection."
     - M.A. Orthofer, The Complete Review. Read more.

"To read Lucien’s diary is to examine the darkest corners of human sexuality and morality...fresh and utterly devoid of cliché...a fast and mischievously satisfying read."
     - Ali Shapiro, MAKE. Read more.

"Shocking right from the first page, what follows is, well, beautiful and grotesque in a way that no other book ever has been."
     - Gwen Stackler, City Book Review. Read more.

A "Top Pick."
     - Aiobhan Belen, Night Owl Reviews. Read more.
© 2004 Denis-Martin Chabot
English Translation © Don Bapst

The second novel from the renown journalist traces the effects of AIDS on a generation of characters across Canada and the World.

Men of War
© 2009 Stéphane Vallée
English Translation © Don Bapst

A collection of nine short stories, each one set against the backdrop of one of the great armed conflicts of the 20th century, mixing history and romance, homoeroticism and fantasy.